A Safe Space for Everyone

As a Life Coach who has created a business out of helping people realize their greatest potential, the experience I was afforded over this past weekend was of tremendous value and one that I will not soon forget. I must never loose sight of the healing that I am called to perform as it is included in the list of responsibilities I carry as a leader.

The following blog post is one I posted on my Yoga teacher’s blog about my experience and what I learned from this past weekend.

It is entitled “A Safe Space for Everyone.”

Along with many other groups of privilege I may (or may not) belong to, I don’t regularly consider myself  to be a person who has been a victim to trauma… What is the impact of this self deselection?  Someone who more often than not is not very mindful of victims of trauma.

This weekend in Yoga Teacher Training (YTT), the theme for our training was Trauma Informed Care.  A sort of sensitivity training if you will.

Having any platform of leadership, so much responsibility and care must go into how we show up as leaders.  To be our most impactful we must be inclusive and make everyone feel welcome. We must be strong and be able to hold our composure in order to support others who are in need.  Most importantly we are charged with creating a space that is safe for everyone we wish to reach.

As I am writing this I can…

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