One. Centered. Life. Reflections on What These Words and Concept Means to Me

Be CenteredHonor & Respect all LifeKnow that we are all ONE (2)

I have to explain these terms in the opposite order because Life is really the core concept of the phrase and name One Centered Life.  It’s important to start there at the root and then explain the other two words which are modifiers describing what kind of life.  After you read this essay all the way through, put it back together again and I think you’ll get it… If you don’t leave a comment and let me know.  I’d be happy to clarify any concept that is still unclear.

LIFE – Our driving force to exist. We honor this driving force for its strength, beauty and it’s will.  Its what we get when we combine consciousness (or Spirit) with a material, physical container.  In the case of humans; a body.  In the case of plants, the container would not necessarily be called a body, we’d just call it a plant.  Either way, life is the resultant of a physical form plus an animating force; “consciousness/spirit.”  Not all consciousness is as evolved as one another and therefore are not created equal in that way… A plant could not carry on a conversation with you, but it does have life as long as it is alive.  It too; only has life because God (or Source) has animated it with it’s “will” which we could think of as Spirit/Consciousness or Purpose.   The life of a plant; or any other thing, would not be living without the spark of Divine incarnation into that being.  It’s because of that fact, that all life is to be honored and respected; because it’s Divine.  That is why the term “Life” belongs in the name: “One Centered Life”   because we honor and revere Life and we are grateful for the lives we are here to live.

CENTERED – When we are centered we are rooted and connected to our core essence; God/Spirit.  God in Its creativity expresses one aspect of Its vastness into our physical form and that aspect is unique… this is called our spirit.  Our unique aspect of God; our spirit and our physical form are what make us uniquely who we are on an individual level.  Inside our spirit is where we can find our purpose in life; our driving force that keeps us living even when we don’t know what it is we are here for… it’s because God programmed us with a mission to complete; our purpose.  This is what gently directs us and ushers us through life.  When we are connected to our purpose, we are centered.

Sometimes we may lose focus, go astray or take on energy that is not truly ours. We may become influenced or act in a manner that is strange to who we really are at our core… this is because we get distracted by the physical world and it can become difficult to hear our essence speaking to us.  We can forget our purpose when we become too engrossed in our environment, we start to mimic that which is going on around us.  But when we are centered we are cognizant of our inner and outer world and we come back to our center and let the things that are not us fall away.

ONE – One represents unity and togetherness.  When we look at each other from a physical interpretation, we appear to all be singular manifestations of God.  Spirit (God) created us in the flesh because He/She/It is a creative being and wanted to play and explore Its creativity.  But we humans are all of God, manifested in the flesh. We are all from one Source.  This Earth is all God manifested in physical form.  We are all of God and share in that common connection that we are of God.  Therefore we are all essentially of the same core essence and we are all ONE.

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2 thoughts on “One. Centered. Life. Reflections on What These Words and Concept Means to Me”

  1. Brilliant over-standing of One, Centered, Life, and how physical manifestation of god is life in all things (earth). Authentically cognizant of the connection and purpose of existence, transcribing the correlated power in this manifestation. After reading you, a deep feeling of gratitude overwhelms me for your existence and our history! Your evolution/light has elevated my vibration and god-self to further tap into a “one centered life.”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m blushing. Wow… Thank you for taking the time to respond. Likewise, an overwhelming feeling of gratitude comes over me… receiving your response. :-). What a euphoric sense of appreciation that envelops me, knowing someone out there (YOU) can relate, feel me, connect and vibe with my message. 🙂 I’m such a sensitive artist… It feels good to be understood. Thank you for your comment Joseph! ❤


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