Sacred Ceremony in Peru

Yes, there was plant medicine administered!  I haven’t transcribed my ayahuasca experience from my journal yet but I also partook in a variety of other powerful and meaningful indigenous ceremonies while in Peru.

The attached video is an account of some of my other experiences while there.  These were  beautiful experiences I got the opportunity to revel in.  I really felt connected and centered while I was there.   I knew where my core was and I felt as if I was able to slowly; over the course of the two weeks I was there, able to shed the layers of stuff and energy that I was carrying around that wasn’t really me.

The landscape of the Andes mountains as a backdrop was absolutely beautiful.  The people were radiant and the life (or spirit) that seemed to dwell within all things was palpable.  The beauty and the energy of this place infected and encapsulated everyone and everything.  As a result I think we were all floating like helium filled balloons on a higher vibration frequency.

Click the link below to watch the video I recorded about the rest of my experiences:



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