Getting Grounded with Yoga Roots

As the four of us sat at the picnic table to read and discuss the yoga sutras on this third day of class, we all came to the conclusion that we would be remiss if we didn’t spend some time discussing what had brought us to our teacher training here at Yoga Roots On Location.   Going around the table there were many beautiful testimonies, some were around being here to solidify a self care regiment, some were of studying Felicia’s model of navigating race in the classroom and some around finding greater presence.  I on the other hand, initially thought I was here to deepen my yogic knowledge and to enhance my business offerings with a yoga certification.  While all of that remained true, another deeper reason became clear to me as well.

As one of my group member spoke about being in the Yoga Roots teacher training,  and how she was previously going to take a different yoga class somewhere else I found clarity that I too entered this course under the same pretense.  My group member went on to say how she was discovering that she was exactly where she needed to be and I began to realize that I was exactly where I needed to be to receive this training as well.  I became aware of how much resistance I was initially carrying prior to entering the course and was starting to notice how it was all beginning to dissolve in this moment of hearing her speak.  As she began to develop a since of gratitude and appreciation for the current moment  here and now, so did I.  The words she spoke were as if she was reading them from my thoughts…

I was previously going to attend a course elsewhere.  I had resistance entering this course because I wasn’t sure if the style of yoga being taught was the style I was looking for.  I wanted to study abroad, I wanted to travel and experience a new culture.

But what I was realizing in that moment however was that I was exactly where I needed to be.  It wasn’t by chance that I met Felicia and it wasn’t by chance that I reached out and solidified a connection with her.

For years, I had been living and working in Pittsburgh without having made any significant connections with people around some of my most relevant interests.  And for the past two years I had been constantly evolving my being through a significant spiritual growth and shifting of my awareness.  Who could I share this information with? Who could relate to me and who would be here with me to offer support in my growth?  I am well connected online and had been mostly utilizing my online resources as my social outlet; my place where I was able to share the fullness of my being with like minds.  But in this moment I began to realize that this was exactly what I needed and was exactly what was missing from my life.  This course would offer me the beginning piece of integrating a lifestyle that had largely been compartmentalized to another version of me that existed primarily in the either.   Over the course of this weekend however, I began to  realize how this experience was so much fuller than I was expecting it to be and that it was going to impact me in so many more ways that I ever expected.  This was exactly where I needed to be.  This beautiful program would be where I would show up in 100% fullness of my being, where I would engage with others, where I would be seen (and heard) and where I would ground into and marry not only my current physical place of being but also integrate all the parts of MY being.


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