The Blissful Life

Life is not about getting by… It’s not about making ends meet!  Life is about living it to the fullest expression you possibly can and living it out to the max!  It’s about being your best self and experiencing true, soulfully blissful happiness.
Chances are you may not be living your life to that degree of happiness at the moment.  You may be hating your job, being unfulfilled in your job or personal relationships, “on your grind” or just getting by… Ever wonder why?
The reason is because you are not aligned with your *Bliss*… the thing that really makes you happy.. that really makes you shine.. the thing that lights you up!  That thing that lights you up like that is your reason for being and when you have to “get by” doing something other than that in your life to make the ends meet you will forever be living an existence that is mediocre and unfulfilling.  I’m calling this ‘thing’ your ‘bliss’ but bliss is really the end result… the feeling you getwhen you are in alinment, but the thing you are actually trying to align with is your soul’s purpose… or reason for being here on this Earth.  I’m going to go a little deep here but try to just hear me out and stay with me.
We all are spiritual beings and at our essence: the truest expression of who we are, we are pure consciousness.  We are one of infinitely many expressions of God/Spirit/Source manifested in physical form on the Earth for short period of time.  Our essence will continue to live on or exist for many, many many incarnations into the physical flesh time and time again.  Our essence manifest into our physical bodies is called the soul.  The soul has a purpose in life it came to fulfil and until we fulfill that purpose in life everything ese that we do in life will seem meaningless.
In the physical world our souls have this delima… We are so emersed in this physical environment that we forget our true essence and our sould purpose.  So over stimulated by our environ ment we forget who we really are.
I urge you to not forget who you are.  We have to take the time to connect back with our spirit and check in with our essence and reason for being.  This is where meditation comes into play.  This is where we clear out all of the things in our mind, or put them to rest momentarily  ( the device for processing the world, the process center for interpreting the physical reality) and intimately check back in with your essence.. your God manifested purpose… Maybe you have heard of the term Divine Purpose before… this is what is meant by that term.  When re suspend the mind for a time we are able to just listen to our essence and hear our purpose.  Doing this frequently ensures that you are on track with your life’s purpose.  This is where your soul is able to download it’s directions on how to be you from.

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