Enlisting Others in our Personal Growth

A NEW MOON brings the fertile time in the planetary energy to build up momentum for maximum manifestation. In an effort to take advantage of this heavenly arrangement and in response to some of Jeannine’s questioning around levels of leadership; I focused myself and created the following intention and declaration to capture some of that yummy lunar energy AND in an effort to evolve (for the greater part of me) out of stage 3 leadership:

Intention: “My intention for this month is to release my attachment to separation i.e. the lone warrior… and feel the connection that I have to others and allow others to help and support me. Keep letting my heart be open, keep being brave, keep embracing change and keep embracing new adventures.”

Declaration: “I release my need for control and allow the universe to guide the forces to me that will help me to achieve that which I have declared and which my actions support and are in alignment with. I have faith in the universe. I channel creative forces to work through me by releasing my control.”

Well all this is all well and good but where have I actually created an action item for anyone else in my declaration besides me? … I hadn’t. Jeannine Yoder challenged me and asked me how she could support me into moving into stage four and what that looked like to me and I really had to sit and think long and hard about that.

My initial thinking was how could I release some of the control but yet not be too much of a burden? What could I task her and others with as a part of supporting my evolution? Well that’s when i realized I was still looking at this whole situation the wrong way… The whole thing… It was NOT about Me… I really had to make the shift in my consciousness from the individual… to the group! At this point is when I realized that this was a matter that related not so much to me and”How can IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII become better by enlisting others…” But more so the spiritual frame of mind of “What is best for the GREATER GOOD?” The greater good here being the group… The whole… I began to realize that in you sisters lending your support to me, it is for the overall betterment of the group. We become stronger as a group as a whole. When we shift our mindset to consider the group as the organism we realize that each of us is not separate, is not an individual but only a piece that makes up the whole. This to me is what stage four leadership is all about.

Once we are at this stage four level of leadership is easy to transfer this way of thinking to stage five considering every single person, thing, living being on Earth. My mantra for this kind of expansion, and I invite you to adopt it also is: “For the greater good…” Ex. “Am I doing this for me? Or for the greater good?” This allows us to really sink into our heart entered consciousness and feel our connection with others. When we raise others, by default we are raising ourselves up as well because we are all a part of that larger connected whole… By raising another, we raise the group average… This mental shift is where the magic really happened for me and allowed me to sink into the comfort of asking others to support me.

So… I said all of that to say thank you for asking me that Jeannine Yoder… How you can help me get to stage 4 leadership! You really made me think about this and remember some critical things I had nearly forgotten. You, and the rest of the sisters can help me by challenging yourselves to think of the group as your “self”… And making sure no one gets left behind. For me personally, you all can acknowledge this post lovingly and supportively, be available with your energy to offer… You can check on me & my progress if you feel so moved and I will keep you all updated as to balance the energy out. Thanks for taking the time out to read this lengthy post. Please leave a comment below to acknowledge you’ve witnessed me. ~love and light!

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